My striking block colour stripe paintings are unique and very popular.

I have always been drawn to good strong design.
Stripes particularly catching my eye.

I wanted to create a landscape painting that was instantly recognisable but modern and striking in design. And so my first stripy painting was created and I found my style.

I look for a good composition, then simplify the landscape. The stripes are painted freehand, this requires a controlled application of acrylics. These paintings cannot be rushed.

I am self taught due to a genuine love of experimenting with paints and techniques and sheer determination to create and achieve perfection.

Painting stripes can be intense work and I often feel the need to get free and creative. So I also paint using a variety of tools including palette knife, credit cards (strange but true) and printing using cardboard and sponges.

I love anything retro and have also painted portraits in a pop art style in acrylic or gouache.

Born in Watford in 1968. Moved to the Isle of Wight in 1979. Started painting in 2000, selling vibrant art to visitors and locals on the Isle of Wight. Moved to Dorset in 2012. Connections to the Island remain strong but have found new inspiration in the
Jurassic coast of Dorset and the Blackmore Vale.

I have exhibited at Quay Arts, Seaview Gallery, New Remberant Gallery and since moving from the Isle of Wight, have exhibited at Swan Gallery, Frome. First View Gallery, Stour Head. Cove Gallery, Weymouth. Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge. Dorset Arts Week.

I am also a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association.

I have recently signed up with an agent who supplies prints to major high st stores. This will not include my limited edition prints but more recently produced artworks could be used, and I am working on some new computer graphic art images.